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Underground Fan Starters

Underground Fan Starters

As an experienced switchboard builder, Southern Mining Electrical Contractors are able to provide your project with Underground Fan Starters  that are designed, manufactured and installed by Southern Mining Electrical Contractors to keep you mining. 

Our experienced in-house engineers design a quality Underground Fan Starters utilising quality products from ABB that will provide a high level of uptime for your project.

55kw fan starter

At SMEC, we pride ourselves on quality of workmanship.

We carry the complete range of Underground Fan Starters;

  • Underground Single 55kW Fan Starter
  • Underground Dual 55kW Fan Starter
  • Underground Single 90kW Fan Starter
  • Underground Dual 90kW Fan Starter
  • Underground Single 110kW Fan Starter
  • Underground Dual 110kW Fan Starter

Standard design in stock or custom built to your specifications.

    • Main Features

      • Quality ABB components as standard equipment to ensure reliable asset life
      • Delay start fitted as standard for faster re-entry after firing
      • Pulse start fitted as standard to reduce damage to vent bag
      • ABB contactors with sag and dip immunity for reliable cost effective operation
      • Manufactured in Western Australia
      • CAD drawings standard for ease of reference   
      • Mine specific design available to suit your requirements

Please contact us with your Underground Fan Starter requirements