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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Our experienced team of electrical and communication engineers, assist our operations by providing a range of specialised services, including but not limited to, engineering design and drafting, management plans, auditing and compliance, to ensures your project meets the highest standards regulatory requirements.

Our teams extensive experience and technical expertise shape the foundation of our reputation, competency and client focused approach and enables us to attract and retain the best people in the industry.


project 3
South Emu Power Station 5
HV install south junction2

Engineering Services

Southern Mining Electrical Contractors has a highly skilled experienced team of electrical engineers, draftsman and instrumental electricians.

Our engineering team provide a range of specialised services including;

  • Design and drafting services
  • Project Management
  • Control system programming
  • System modelling and analysis
  • Specialised testing
  • Commissioning services
  • Onsite engineering services


Please contact us for your Engineering solutions