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Asset life extension

Asset Life Extension

Southern Mining Electrical Contractors, support mining equipment creators and operators with the management of machinery reliability throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Our team has the expertise to recognise opportunities for process automation, efficient resource allocation, enhanced data capture and cost savings.

Our ongoing commitment to developing and sourcing new technologies has led to research and development into new environmentally sustainable technologies.

The new technologies have led to improved production and reliability of equipment, extended replacement intervals for machinery parts and remaining life in aged assets assessed and extended, leading to sustainable energy efficient solutions for our clients.


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Asset Life Extension

Southern Mining Electrical Contractors, assist our client to attain more from existing assets.

Benefits of asset assessments:

  • Increased reliability reducing costly breakdowns
  • Assets are fit for purpose ensuring efficient operation and reducing costs
  • LEAN maintenance strategies implemented reducing maintenance costs
  • Spares inventory maintained to reduce costs and ensure availability
  • Identify maintenance criteria to implement planned activities
  • Identify correct maintenance personnel manning levels
  • Provide forward planning of maintenance activities to accurately forecast costs

Our service includes asset assessment of:

  • Motors and starter panels
  • Switchboards
  • High Voltage Installations – Substations / Switch Gear
  • Communications systems

Please contact us for your asset life extension solutions


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